Purdy Chronicles Europe Day 1 by Jeff

Our first long distance flight had its issues but overall I think it went well. We had our passports signed, tickets printed, and itinerary set.

Security at DIA had never been an issue for us but we usually go through the lower section where I think most people do. This time, however, we went through the upper north gate which was much less crowded so we were through the checkpoint within 3 minutes most of that time was spent taking off our shoes and emptying our pockets then putting it all back in place.

Boarding the plane went relatively fast considering there were, I estimate based off of seat count, almost 300 passengers. Our flight was through Lufthansa and they had a pillow and blanket laid out for each passenger as well as free headphones. They had a plethora of movie choices which was great because, on a 10 hour flight, I only slept 5 minutes!

I watched Arrival (great movie), Get Out (terrible movie), Split (decent movie) and Lucy (ok movie). Kayla watched The Space Between Us (good movie) and, of course, Beauty and the Beast (she’s watched it at least 30 times since it came out).

They served us a great dinner, we both had the chicken and stuffing, and were around often with drinks. And the breakfast was an egg omelet.

Our only complaint was the family in front of us. We’re very understanding and forgiving about families traveling but the parents made no attempt to control their three children. They would stand up and turn around to face us, try to turn off our monitors and at several points, try to crawl under our seats!

Other than that, there was little turbulence and the customs check at Munich went quickly as we changed planes.

Our second flight was short, only an hour and change and I pretty much slept for the entire time except for when our lunch came. We both had the turkey and coleslaw sandwich.

Copenhagen day one started with a short nap, of course! We met with our Airbnb host, Sinna, who showed us her place and gave us suggestions on how to get around.

After doing some research we decided to purchase the Copenhagen Card which gives you free fare on all public transport and free access to almost 80 attractions.

We got the 24 hour pass which, as of writing this (12 hours after purchasing the card), has already paid for itself many times through! It only cost 80 DKK (about $12) After buying the card, we rode the bus to downtown Copenhagen and ate at Apollo Brewery where I drank the pilsner, Kayla had a cider and we split a ribeye. Our food was out in less than ten minutes after arriving!

After eating, we walked around a bit to see the sights before it got too dark, then we went to Tivoli Gardens, which was free with our CopCard.

Tivoli Gardens is essentially a mini Disney Land. It even had its own version of Its A Small World. It has quite the selection of rides considering it’s size. If you want to ride them, I suggest you buy the unlimited pass and spend a good amount of time there because individual tickets were pretty expensive.

Before they close, they had a pretty cool light show that’s a must see if you’re here and there’s a lot of unique walkways throughout to take pictures of.

After the light show, we walked down to Nyhaven which had a quiet bar scene (on a Tuesday night). The lights of the tall buildings silhouetted the boats in the harbor and made for some very nice pictures. I had a drink as we planned for day two then headed back to our place, and even at 1230am, there was still a fair amount of light in the sky, since Copenhagen is so far north.

Trip considerations to plan on:

Even though it’s late June, it’s still pretty cool, so make sure to bring a light jacket for the evening hours.

The bus system around town has been great; a bus for each route shows up almost every 5-10 minutes, even late into the night. Use it to your advantage.

You may be able to purchase your Copenhagen Card in advance but if you can’t, you can get it at the airport and, even though it may take a little longer, you can use it to take a bus for the airport to wherever you’re staying.

We’ve been using my Visa card and haven’t had any issues with places not accepting it. But make sure you let your cc company know you’re traveling over seas.

Avoid taxis just because they cost so much. Our taxi from the airport to our Airbnb cost us as much as Our Airbnb rental did. Lesson learned!