The Purdy Chronicles Day 3 by Kayla

Honestly, I had to wait a day before writing our day three entry. If I hadn’t there may have been some choice words I put in here that would have not been happy thoughts. So here it goes!

Our alarms went off at 3:30am on day three. We had to be to the bus stop by 4 am to get to the airport, thankfully we had no issues getting on the bus. When we arrived at the airport we went through security with ease. We waited for a while and then boarded the aircraft. Once everyone got situated on the plane the pilot came on the intercom and said our flight had been delayed by two hours due to large amounts of fog in Berlin. Our flight wasn’t even two hours long so you could probably understand our disappointment. Five minutes after this announcement our delayed flight time moved up and was going to only be delayed one hour instead of two. Still the hour delay was almost longer than the flight itself was. Thirty minutes went by and they informed us we were going to be moving gates because another plane needed ours. I wasn’t quite sure why the arriving plane just couldn’t move gates but what did I know. Another thirty more minutes came by and we still hadn’t moved. Finally at the one hour mark another announcement came on and our flight was cleared for takeoff.  At this point we would have already been in Berlin. Thankfully the pilot got us there in just under 47 minutes, it was pretty impressive!
Once we landed Jeff and I bought our Berlin welcome cards. These are similar to the Copenhagen cards. They allow you to have access to all transportation for free and they offer a ton of discounts on attractions! Then we hopped on the bus and headed to the center of Berlin.

Center of Berlin

Everything started off great. We got to see the Brandenburg Gate (pictured above). It was built during the 18th century and is a neoclassical monument of Berlin. It is the only remaining town gate of Berlin that is still standing. The Brandenburgh Gate is believed to be a symbol of both the division of Germany and the country’s reunification. It is one of Berlin’s most well known and visited landmarks.

Right down that street from Brandenburgh Gate, Jeff and I found a nice little cafe where we had a delicious breakfast. You will notice in your travels throughout Europe that popular breakfast items include meat, cheese, and bread. Our breakfast platter is also pictured above.

After breakfast we then walked through the Brandenburg Gate towards Reichstag.  Reichsteig was built and opened in 1894 and housed the Imperial Diet or in other words the German Parliament.  However, in 1933 the building was severely damaged in a fire and then after World War 2, the building fell into disuse. It wasn’t until 1990 when it went under restoration and after 9 years the restoration was complete. It currently houses the German Parliament once again. (Pictured above)

After that, Jeff wanted to go see out Checkpoint Charlie. Mind you this is around 10 am and this is when everything went down hill. It started to rain and not just your little trickle of rain, it was a downpour! And not just a 5 minute downpour like we have in Colorado, no, it lasted all day long! We came to find out our backpacks are not as water proof as we thought and we still had them with us because we couldn’t check in until 12:30pm. So we purchased an umbrella and on we trekked. 

Checkpoint Charlie

We got to Checkpoint Charlie and enjoyed the conversation we had with the guy stationed there.  Checkpoint Charlie was the crossing point between Eastern and Western Berlin during the Cold War. The “guard” we talked to was a very nice fellow. We also went into the museum dedicated to Checkpoint Charlie. Admission was free thanks to our card we purchased. After Checkpoint Charlie we headed back to check in at our Airbnb location. Granted it was still down pouring and one umbrella was quickly becoming useless.

We got to check in and this is when we discovered our issue with the backpacks. Everything was soaked, so we laid it all out in hopes that it would dry. Unfortunately, this Airbnb didn’t have a washing machine or dryer so our clothes later had an interesting odor and would need washed and dried once we reached Munich.

We tried to dry off but realized this weather wasn’t going to let up. So we took a few hours to nap. Our room was the perfect size, very clean, and in the perfect location. After we woke up from our nap we went to the Natural History Museum of Berlin which was right across the street, another perk about our Airbnb location. This gave us some comfort from the rain but at this point our clothes were soaked and so were our shoes. They were making that fun squashing noise every time I walked.

Natural History Museum of Berlin

Museum fur Naturkun was built in 1810 and houses some of the most interesting exhibits in Berlin. The specimen exhibit was pretty spectacular housing more the 20 million different specimens. We couldn’t see them all even if we wanted to.

Spy Museum of Berlin

We then found the spy museum which was actually quite interesting. The spy museum opened up to the public in 2015 so it is quite new. It explored the world of espionage with a focus on the Cold War. It was amazing to see the different types of gear that had been utilized by spies throughout the years and how advanced technology had become.

When we left the spy museum it was unfortunately STILL pouring outside and at this point I decided I did not properly prepare for this kind of weather. My short sleeve shirt and shorts were not cutting it; so we headed to the mall across the street to purchase a jacket and another umbrella. Our first umbrella was so wet that it completely soaked through the material and was no longer keeping the water off of us. I would have to say this jacket purchase was the best purchase I had made up to that date, that’s how miserable it was becoming. I wanted to get out of the rain and thankfully it was dinner time.

Lemke Berlin

We attempted to find a warm place to eat dinner. The first place we tried to find apparently shut down years ago and we walked round and around to find it. Thanks, internet, for the most current information on the place! We searched for another brewery and finally found one. Both of our umbrellas had stopped functioning and kept popping upward due to the wind that had kicked up along with the rain.

We ate and tried to get warm. Jeff saw a bar that he wanted to try out after the brewery. Thankfully it wasn’t far away so we swung in and then it finally started letting up, this was at 10 pm. I told Jeff I wanted to see the Brandenburg Gate at night, so we made this our last stop. I am glad we did because it was completely dead. No one braved the rain like we did today but if we hadn’t we never would have gotten to see the things we did!
Finally we made it back to our room and crashed.