Purdy Chronicles Day 2 by Kayla

Copenhagen day two started early. We knew we wanted to do as much as we could do so we got up at 5:30 to start our day. Our first stop was a little coffee bistro that must have been known for their bread. As soon as you walked you could see an entire wall of bread for your choosing. Jeff went with a chocolate pastry and I chose a croissant and yogurt parfait. After breakfast we walked the length of one of Copenhagen’s many canals. We wanted to first go to the planetarium but had some time to kill before they opened. 

We went to a large park that was filled with runners and little ponds here and there. We walked around there for awhile and then hopped on the bus to take us near the planetarium. When we got off of the bus we went to Coffee Espresso. We have decided this is the European version of our Starbucks! However we have seen two Starbucks so far! We got some coffee and enjoyed our time in the quiet atmosphere. 

By 9:30 we walked down the road to the planetarium. Jeff and I were the first ones there so it was pretty quiet. Thanks to our Copenhagen Card, admission was free and we received one free movie. Museum’s have always been Jeff’s thing but there was one floor of informative displays. The movie was definitely the best part. Since it’s a planetarium the screen is located in front of you and above your head. Your seats recline and then the entire theater gets incredibly dark. Then the show starts! It was really incredible! The movie we got to see was all about oceans. 
Next we were off to a canal tour that took off near Nyhavn. Again admission for the canal tour was free! We had a few minutes to spare so we wandered around the square nearby and found our first Disney store! If you know me you know I am all about the Disney store! Then we headed off on our canal tour. The tour lasted about one hour and we were able to see many great sites from the opera house to the little mermaid statue. Our guide was pleasant and cracked a joke here or there during the tour. We also passed by the fancy boathouses and some beautiful churches.

After the boat tour it was time for lunch. We went back to the square and enjoyed a chicken wok bowl. We have been splitting our meals and haven’t had any issues with still being hungry after finishing our meals. After lunch it was time for the round tower. The round tower is attached to one of Copenhagen’s many churches and Jeff and I may or may not have entered into the service they were conducting. But me being me I had to snap a picture and then we quickly exited the church. Once we found the correct entrance we scanned our Cop Card and were granted access into the tower. The walk was harder than I anticipated. The cobble pathway is not even and makes a gradual climb up to the top. You then have to climb a couple of flights of stairs and then you are greeted with probably one on the best views of Copenhagen. You could see everything from the top of this point. It was breathtaking.

After the round tower Jeff wanted to go to the glyptotek museum. Free admission once again! This museum had many sculptures of gods and goddesses. They were all lifesize and pretty cool to see. After exploring the three levels we were getting pretty tired. I almost feel asleep on a bench in the museum. However there were still a few more stops we wanted to get in that we also got free admission to. 
The first of those was the lost cisterns. This attraction was really neat. You enter through a glass pyramid and climb down a flight of stairs. Once you hit the entrance you have to wait a minute to let your eyes adjust to the darkness. Jeff knocked into a guy that couldn’t see him because it was so dark. I grabbed Jeff’s arm and away we went through the dark channels. It was very damp and somewhat chilly down there but really cool to see.
After the cisterns we walked over to the zoo and explored that for a couple of hours. I like visiting zoos and since it was free admission then why not! My favorite exhibit was the lions. They had about 7 baby cubs that kept ignoring what their parents wanted them to do! It was cute seeing them playing with one another. We were able to see all sorts of animals including African, Tasmanian, and artic creatures! I also finally got to see the wolves. I always try to see wolves at zoos but they are always hiding and never have been able to see them. But this time I did! We also got to see the polar bear doing his workout by swimming laps over and over.

It was a fun time! 
Our last stop was at the War Pig brewery. This brewery specializes in different meats. You go in choose your meats and the place them on your tray. I went with the spare ribs and mac and cheese with a fruity beer to go with it. Jeff went with the pork shoulder and brisket with a side of sweet pickles. His beer of choice was a barley wine flavor. It was pretty delicious!

Then we went back to our apartment room and were asleep by 9 pm. We knew Day three would be an early morning so wanted to get as much sleep as possible. 
One note I forgot to mention. We mainly walked on day two and walked nearly 26,000 steps! We also took the bus from each location because the Cop Card let us get on for free!

Trip considerations to plan on:
Even though it’s late June, it’s still pretty cool, so make sure to bring a light jacket for the evening hours.
The bus system around town has been great; a bus for each route shows up almost every 5-10 minutes, even late into the night. Use it to your advantage.
You may be able to purchase your Copenhagen Card in advance but if you can’t, you can get it at the airport and, even though it may take a little longer, you can use it to take a bus for the airport to wherever you’re staying.
We’ve been using my Visa card and haven’t had any issues with places not accepting it. But make sure you let your cc company know you’re traveling over seas.
Avoid taxis just because they cost so much. Our taxi from the airport to our Airbnb cost us as much as Our Airbnb rental did. Lesson learned!