10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Travelers

10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Travelers

Struggling to find that perfect gift for your friend or family member that loves to travel? Or maybe you are just looking for that perfect holiday gift.  Then you need to check out these 10 perfect gifts for travelers that Jeff and I have compiled just for you guys!  We love each product that we have listed!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. I only recommend products or services I have personally used and believe will be beneficial to my readers.

1.Olloclip only $79.99

The Olloclip is a great way to take high quality pictures without lugging around a heavy duty camera.  It is a smartphone accessory that clips right onto your phone’s camera.  It comes with four different lenses so travelers can capture all of their memories in one easy way.  We have loved ours and use it all of the time.  I carry it in my purse so I have it whenever I need it. It also fits nicely inside my coat pocket.  With this accessory it is a great space saver!

2. Inspiring Adventures Money Belt With RFID Blocking for only $16.88

If you know someone traveling internationally then I would look into the Inspiring Adventures money belt.  This belt is a great way to protect your passport and important traveling documents and money.  It is waterproof and has RFID Blocking. This means that someone can’t come by and scan it to get your information from their scanner.  I never really knew all of the tricks people can use in order to get your information.  This money belt helps prevent that and has a lifetime warranty.

A cool thing we found is that it can sit right underneath the waistband of your jeans or shirt that way you know it is really secure.  Just make sure once you receive your money belt that the clasps are secure.  The first one we ordered, the clasp didn’t clasp very tight so we reordered it and they replaced it with no issues.  Now it is perfect!

3. New Outlander Travel Backpack for only $16

One of the best backpacks we have come across for travel is the New Outlander 33L backpack.  If you know a traveler who wants to travel light and not have to have any additional luggage other than a backpack, then we highly recommend this one.  It is lightweight and SUPER CHEAP and can be folded up into a small pouch that makes it easily portable. I would rather spend this much then spend over hundreds of dollars for backpacks when this one fits a travelers needs perfectly.

4. US to Europe Converter for $19.99

Something I feel many people forget is that power cords in the US are a lot different in Europe.  So if you don’t have a converter then you won’t be able to charge your phone, computer, or tablet while you are visiting unless you purchase one when you arrive. Why not make it easier for your traveling buddy and get it for them so they don’t have to worry about trying to find one while they are on vacation!


5. Travel Movies

Okay I know this sounds weird but whenever I am about to travel I always want to watch travel movies or movies that take place in the locations I know we will be visiting.  It really makes me even more excited for our trip.  When Jeff and I went to the Harry Potter theme park we watched all of the Harry Potter films before we went.  It really got us into the wizarding world!  Yes, we are Harry Potter nerds!  Some travel movies I recommend are Me Before You, Under the Tuscan Sun, Mama Mia, Eurotrip, P.S. I love you, Letters to Juliet, National Lampoons European Vacation, the Tourist, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  Just a little fun idea for your traveling friend!

6. Columbia UV Protectant Shirts that are lightweight for $27 and up

Jeff has a nickname, and that is Ranger Jeff. He knows the ins and outs of the perfect attire to wear when spending long periods of time outdoors. Jeff has really enjoyed his hiking shirts that are lightweight and can adapt to any type of weather.  He loved them so much he even got me to purchase some for our Europe trip.  We are spending a month in Europe and plan on only taking 5 outfits.  These shirts go good with any jeans or hiking pants which makes interchanging them super easy. They are also UV Protectant so help with sun exposure as well. His favorite are by a company called Kuhl but he says the new ones I purchased for him by Rustic Ridge are growing on him. I purchased Columbia shirts and absolutely love them. Any of these brands would work well.

7. Travel Journal for $13.38

I love the idea of a travel journal.  How neat is it to take a little bit of time out of your evening as you are winding down for bed and jot down everything you did that day while on vacation.  Then you can go back years down the road and have a better memory of those experiences that you got to have while traveling.  Not only that but you can share your stories with your family and friends and be able to live those moments whenever you want!  I am so excited to use mine for Europe.

8. Selfie Stick for $13.49

Selfie Sticks have become quite popular and are very useful on trips.  Some people will trust other travelers to hold their phone or camera and take a picture of them, however, anymore it is sad to say, but people could easily take off with your belongings and then you would be out hundreds of dollars and memories.  The selfie stick still allows you to take great photos of yourself without that risk of having someone take your stuff. Jeff uses them when climbing because they give a better perspective of the tops of mountains.

9. Travel Map for home décor handmade for only $99

For Christmas we received a great addition for our home which is a large world map on canvas.  This home décor piece is our way of showing and pinning all locations that we have traveled to together.  We so are excited to fill it up and I think every traveler would love having this addition to their home. Talk about a conversation piece!


10. Audible Subscription

This has been a great gift that I got for Jeff for Christmas.  He has a hard time sitting down and reading a book but with this app he can listen to audio books all day long while he is working away.  This would be a great gift for a long airplane ride for people who don’t have the room to pack books or do not own a kindle.  You can hook up your headphones right to your Smartphone and listen to whatever books you have decided to download before your trip.  You can do a free 30 day membership or purchase the gold membership which I recommend because it saves you money in the long run.




  1. Lisa // Fjords & Beaches

    That Olloclip sounds genious! Will have to get one now, as I try my best to only use my iPhone when travelling (that camera just takes up too much space!) 🙂

    1. PurdyFun

      We have really enjoyed it! The best part is that it’s so small you can easily carry it in a pocket! We love it!

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