Our Story

Who are the Purdys? And why are we taking on a blog?

Here are the answers you are looking for!

Welcome to Purdyfun.com, this is the blog where adventure awaits!

We are Jeffrey and Kayla Purdy and we are the founders of Purdyfun. We are here to show you how adventure is at every turn of life, and how you can make the most out of any activity you do.  I was born and raised in Colorado, which many believe is an outdoor paradise in all seasons.  Colorado is definitely one of many.  My husband Jeff was born in California but raised in Colorado.  We have enjoyed each others company for 11 years and now want to share our adventures with you.  From mountaineering to travel tips to game nights at the Purdys, we do it all and want to share it with you!

I graduated with my Bachelors in Graphic Design in 2011 from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and currently work as a director for Extended Hours with elementary school kids.  Jeff owns his own company, Green Valley Energy Solutions, and works full time as a foreman for a local insulation company. We are busy but with this blog we can still go out and enjoy our many adventures together and show you how to as well.  Not only is it fun to find adventure but we fully believe it is healthy for the soul and that everyone should make time for a little adventure every now and again!