How to Save $1200 on Lodging In Europe

How to save $1200 on Lodging in Europe

Finding lodging that was affordable in Europe was pretty easy for Jeff and me especially when we knew where to look.

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First we knew we didn’t want to stay at hotels.  First of all finding a decent hotel can easily land you spending anywhere from $100 to $500 a night for a decent to fancy hotel.  Even at $100 a night that would have been $3200 dollars just for lodging.  We knew we couldn’t afford that.  Jeff has a card that give him points for rooms at Choice Hotels, and we love it for travel within the United States. However, when we looked at the possibility to use this card for our trip to Europe, we found it difficult to use the points, let alone finding hotels belonging to the Choice Hotel chain.


We originally wanted to stay at hostels in each country we went too.  However, the more I looked into them the less I wanted to stay there.  They weren’t bad by any means and I think they would be a great place for solo travelers or backpackers just passing through but Jeff and I wanted a more personal experience and we weren’t going to find that here.  You can rent a bed and they can range anywhere from $30 and up if you want a decent hostel.  That would still have landed us close to $70 a night with 12 other people in the same room.  At $70 a night that would put us around $2,240 for lodging. We are getting much closer to how much we wanted to spend for lodging. There is quite the variety of hostels around Europe, too; ones for many walks of life.

With research we also learned that many of the lockers don’t fit normal luggage size so it would be hard to safely store everything we needed to.  I also read a lot of reviews about bed bugs and they are something I don’t even want to have to deal with! (My cousin spooked me with horror stories so now we check the bed bug registry before we book rooms)


Airbnb is definitely where it’s at.  Airbnb is a website where people will rent out their homes or apartments to people who are traveling.  You can either request an entire home or even just a bed for the night.  It is much cheaper to go this route.

We started looking at Airbnb and instantly loved it.  The rooms are much cheaper and also offer additional amenities. Some even have breakfast available to you as well.  What I love most about Airbnb though is the personal touch you get with staying at an Airbnb home.  You get to meet locals and the ones I have talked to have already been so helpful.  They have offered to give us their insights on the best places to go and see.  Learning of places to visit from a local really allows for a more personal experience of Europe that many tourists may not know about.

If you set up an account with them you will receive a FREE $40 CREDIT toward your first reservation that you make!  That can easily pay for a night somewhere you wish to travel! They have locations across the world so it also makes it easy to track your payments. In order to travel Europe, we found that flights were the fastest and typically cheapest way to travel. This meant, however, that we had flights through over six companies so our budgeting and finances sheet was pack full of new entries. Airbnb helped us control the chaos, at least a little!


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