Bucket List

Bucket List Challenge

Bucket List Challenge

So I have been thinking of a fun idea that I think you guys might enjoy.  As you all know Jeff and I are going to Europe this summer and we have been researching what we should do and see while we are in each country.  But I want to reach out to our followers!  Even if you haven’t been to any of these places but have heard of some things to do that are a must please let us know! Then we want to see how many of these things we can do while we are over there.  These things can be touristy, finding a certain item, or just something you really want to see us do!  I can’t promise we will get to every one of your suggestions but we will try our hardest.

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Here are all of the places we plan to visit:

Copenhagen, Denmark:  38 hours

Berlin, Germany: 36 hours

Munich, Germany: 48 hours

Prague, Czech Republic: 48 hours

Athens, Greece: 72 hours

Santorini, Greece: 50 hours

Rome, Italy: 96 hours

Paris, France: 120 hours

Dublin, Ireland: 24 hours

London, England: 96 hours

Amsterdam, Netherlands: 36 hours

Then Back to Copenhagen, Denmark: 24 hours


We have also listed the amount of time we spend in each location that way you can have a better idea of what we will have time for.  Don’t try and make us do anything illegal because we won’t do it! We want a legitimate list to try to complete. We are really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with . Again, it can be silly things too! Show us your creative side!

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  1. Alexis @FITnancials

    You guys are going to have the best time in Europe! You’re going to want to nap for an entire month when you get back!

    1. PurdyFun

      I know! We won’t be sleeping much while we are over there! But it will be so worth it!

  2. Jeffrey

    Cliff dive in Santorini!

    1. PurdyFun

      We will add it to our list!

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