The Ale House – A Breckenridge Brewery Restaurant

The Ale House
(A Breckenridge Brewery Restaurant)

The Ale House has been a popular restaurant to eat and drink for the suburbanites of Grand Junction for years. They have a large selection of beer, most of it microbrews from across Colorado and the US. They and Old Chicago are the largest purveyors of beer in Grand Junction aside from a few liquor stores.

College Liquors, which is in the same parking lot as the Ale House, has a singles cooler with hundreds of different brews and is one of my favorite rooms in town. So the two are a good trip if you have a DD or Uber to pick you up!

I’ve been to several of Breck’s locations across the state so I’ve tried all of their beer at one time or another. We have even had some one of a kind brews made for Denver Comic Con including Severus Snapricot and Hulk’s Mash. This time, though, I tried Epic Brewing Company’s Brainless on Peaches. It was fantastic.Restaurant

This Brainless is a Belgian Ale with peaches added before a short fermentation in wine casks. It has a strong peach smell with a subtle wine background. It also tastes just like you would expect, a malt flavor, with a good balance of hops and yeast and the great peach to blend it all together.

I also had the Salmon Risotto to eat and it, too, was good. There was a light sweetness to the meal that blended well with the Brainless. Personally, I would like to see risotto plates used more often because they are so easy to customize and make unique to any restaurant.

We always enjoy our time spent here with family and friends.




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